LandSolutions employs skill, committed and ethical people...

Name: Margarita Lipkov

Title: Senior Surface Landman

Company: ConocoPhillips Canada

Their team is part of our team delivering solid business results...

Name: Dwayne Lundquist

Title: Manager, Lloyd Surface

Company: Husky Oil Operations Limited

Our team really appreciates LandSolutions’ commitment to consistency and subject matter expertise...

Name: Paul Austin

Title: Community Relations Manager

Company: Acciona Wind Energy Canada

We find that the staff working at LS Lampman being local to the area brings FCR...

Name: Matt D. Widmer

Title: Surface Land Manager

Company: Fort Calgary Resources Ltd.

LandSolutions has played a key role in the successful acquisition of some of our larger linear projects.

Name: Mike Manz

Title: Surface Land Coordinator

Company: AltaLink Management Ltd.