Our Safety

Through personal commitment, active participation and proper training, equipment and practices, the maintenance of a safe and environmentally secure workplace can be realized.

 Our Committment to Each Other Starts with Safety

We are committed to emphasizing and fostering a safe work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors as well as protecting the general public and the environment.  All personnel on site are expected to follow all pertinent regulations and abide by our safety policy as well as those of our clients.  Everyone is responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and others.

Our Health and Safety Management Program includes:

  • Safety standards that meet or exceed those of regulators and our clients
  • Comprehensive Codes of Practice
  • Thorough contractor screening and management
  • A detailed training program for personnel and encouragement for their active involvement in all stages of the Program
  • Hazard assessment and mitigation
  • A system of field and office audits to review the performance of the Program and make improvements where the need is identified

We obtained our Certificate of Recognition (COR) through The Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships and we are a registered member of both ISNetworld and ComplyWorks.