Our People

With experience measured in decades and success defined by the people around them, a talented team of decision-makers manages the growth and direction of LandSolutions.

Meet our Leadership Team.

Melanie Ottenbreit-Smith

Chief Financial Officer

With charismatic leadership and remarkable attention to detail, Mel manages all aspects of LandSolutions’ fiscal responsibilities. In addition, she implements all corporate policies relative to risk management, human resources, safety policies and information systems. She has extensive experience in analysis, planning, monitoring and cost containment for clients, including AFE tracking and analysis. Mel’s expertise creates efficiencies for LandSolutions as well as for the services provided to clients.

Mel also provides mentorship to our staff. She is the driving force behind HR programs and practices for attraction and retention of top talent. Her hands-on leadership style, combined with her astute understanding of organization dynamics, makes Mel an integral member of the team.