Alberta Energy Regulator – Renewal Initiative Project

Jan 19, 2017

Have you recently received notice from the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) about the Renewal Initiative for both Enhanced Approval Process (EAP) and non-EAP dispositions (EFR)?

As noted in letters to disposition holders, the AER is exercising its discretion under section 17 and section 20(3)(b) of the Public Lands Administration Regulation (PLAR), and will issue short term renewals of certain dispositions that have not expired or issue replacement dispositions in place of certain expired dispositions. As such, each disposition holder has received a letter and associated table (Table 1) listing of all of their current public land dispositions. Disposition holders have until February 22, 2017 to complete the required response and action for each disposition listed within the table and execute the Statutory Declaration.

LandSolutions has skilled, experienced staff available to help you review files, complete the table and execute the Statutory Declaration in order to meet these tight timelines. Alternatively, we can work with AER to extend the February 22, 2017 deadline to better suit availability of your resources, as AER has indicated they may allow for extensions on a case-by-case basis. Whether we work from our offices or yours, we will work with you to find the right solution!

Please contact our Calgary office at 403-290-0008 or one of our experienced staff listed below to discuss how we can help:  

Nikki Stasiuk - nikkis@landsolutions.ca - 403-748-2661

Stephanie MacPherson - stephaniem@landsolutions.ca – 780-414-0008

Melanie Ottenbreit-Smith - melo@landsolutions.ca – 403-290-8881