Chads Blog – Seeking opportunities to recognize success and accomplishments

May 14, 2015

Volunteering plays a significant role in our society producing a variety of positive results. It can be a catalyst for change, a solution to a basic need, or even provide a subtle sign of hope. It often transforms the lives of those who participate in the act, as well as those who receive it. It's a wonderful thing.

Volunteering is not always an easy thing to do, with time being such a precious commodity. I continue to be amazed by the commitment of giving personal time by those in my close circle. Between friends, mentors, peers, family, and colleagues, the time these individuals spend cumulatively on giving back through volunteerism is significant.

I was recently invited to attend the CAPLA awards luncheon where two of my colleagues received an award for their acts of volunteering within the association.

Congratulations to Devra McCoy for receiving the Rising Star Award. Devra's commitment to volunteerism at such an early time in her career shows a lot of maturity and care for her profession. We are very proud to have her a part of our team.

Congratulations to Ron Vermeulen for receiving the Honourary Lifetime Membership. Ron has spent years dedicating his time to numerous land associations, among many others, and is one of the best role models I know relative to the giving of his time. He has recently assisted in launching the LandSolutions Community Fund Program, and is the head of our internal Volunteering Committee within LandSolutions. We continue to be proud to have such an influence encouraging giving within our organization.


I believe we all have a unique genius that differentiates us from others and this holds true at a personal level as well as a corporate one. I am proud to say that part of the unique genius of LandSolutions is making a difference through giving of our time and individual talents. Today I give thanks to Devra and Ron for demonstrating this.

At LandSolutions, we continuously seek opportunities to recognize the successes and accomplishments of others, and so I decided to share this externally as a way to further recognize these generous people.

I am proud to be part of the same team.

- Chad Hughes, President & CEO