Olds Educational Tour

Jun 09, 2014

On June 5, 2014 we traveled in a luxury coach to Olds College to see firsthand how the 100 year old institution on the prairie had grown up and what it had to offer. We were greeted by an enthusiastic, exceptional team of educators that oozed pride in the facility and the importance of education. The purpose of the tour was to expose people from the Energy Industry to fundamental agricultural operations to improve their knowledge of seasonal agricultural challenges and ultimately the implications of development on the Agricultural Industry. Classroom sessions were held on Seed Farming and Ranching with field trips to the Feed Lots and Environmental Wetlands.        

Like many of the people on the tour I’ve never set foot on the grounds and had pre-existing perceptions on what this small town agricultural institution could offer students and industry. I have to say I was totally wrong, Olds College is a gem in the middle of rural Alberta. They have world class technology at their disposal and are working on significant academic and industry projects generally funded by independent grants and industry sponsorship. Their large and diverse facilities ensure their research results are of a scale that can be directly implemented at the industry level and the expertise of their instructors is very impressive.

Everyone was very impressed with everything we saw at Olds College and probably the greatest compliment we, as a group, could offer was many of us wished we could go back in time when we were younger to register ( a few people had children they were going to talk to about registering ).  We’re planning on having a second Educational Tour later this year at Olds College utilizing their 10 acre Wetlands facility to focus on Environmental issues, so watch our website for further information. 

~ Jay Maki, Business Development Lead

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