Educational Tours

May 14, 2014

At LandSolutions LP we strongly believe in “giving back” to industry by providing educational opportunities that relate to our business. It is our wish to help our clients gain a better understanding of the work we do and those we interact with when providing our services on their behalf. Last year in partnership with our client, Enmax Corporation, LandSolutions hosted two field trips to Enmax’s Taber Wind farm to learn about the renewable energy part of our business. As an extension to the “LandSolutions Educational Series”, we plan to partner with Olds College to host an Agricultural 101 tour as well as separate Environmental Wetlands and Environmental Reclamation Tours.

In addition to these informative field tours, we also provide a Land Acquisition Regulatory Approval process presentation with an explanation of the steps required when acquiring the necessary approvals to gain access to land in Alberta, in particular for exploration and development. This objective presentation is especially geared towards juniors who may not have the land expertise in place as of yet. The presentation is meant to help them when planning and budgeting time and resources as required. Should you wish to receive this presentation or have any questions about any of our Educational Series tours please contact Jay Maki.