2nd Annual Poker Tourney

Feb 11, 2014

LandSolutions hosted our second annual Charity Poker Tournament on Friday, February 7th supporting Multiple Sclerosis. The event was well attended by industry and staff, once again our staff proved that we were the ones studying at school when others were playing cards because not one of us made it to the final table. Jay Partridge was determined to make sure he wasn’t the first casualty. Ron, Chad, Annette, and both Jays all lasted about the same duration – long enough that people knew we there but not long enough to be a factor in the outcome. Gord Davage played cautiously and hung in for a 10th place finish which earned him the same amount as those of that lost earlier ( nothing ). The eventual well deserving champion was industry veteran Dave Taylor from Vesta Energy but really all of us were winners as we got to have a lot of fun while supporting our community.

Here is some feedback we received from our clients on the event:

“As the gift card said: I was a “lucky bastard”. Wow, I feel like I’m famous! I will, of course be back to defend – I will always support a good charity event” 
-Dave Taylor, Vesta Energy

“Just wanted to say thanks again for hosting! The tournament was well run and I know our group had a great time.
- Cale Runions, TransCanada

“Nice work organizing guys thanks for the invite, it’s always a great time.”
-Wayne Ellis, Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.

“Thank you for having me. I had a great time. I buy all my clothes at Costco and Wal-mart so I don't know if I was the right guy to win the Holt Renfrew gift card ;)
-James Thurston, Pennwest

“It was some good times!!!!! I sure had fun!”
-Kris Kinnear, CoreGeomatics

“Great event Jay, thanks for organizing and for the invite.”
-Dave Boisjolie, Vermilion Energy

“Suzanne, thank you again for all your help!”
-Rodger Perry, The Perry Corporation