Corporate Annoucement

May 23, 2012

Leadership is built on trust, integrity and experience. Having these qualities has gained Ron Vermeulen the respect of LandSolutions’ employees and industry partners over the last 12 years. As part of a predetermined plan, on May 7, 2012, Ron stepped down as President of LandSolutions. Vice President Chad Hughes stepped into this role.

Chad believes that leadership is built on trust, and that trust is developed by being consistent in both words and actions. Chad has been consistent in motivating those around him to always do better, and he leads by example. Ron helped him see these qualities in himself and Chad wants to do the same for others moving forward in this new position.

When explaining his vision for LandSolutions moving forward, Chad says, “It has always been our aim to not be the biggest, but to be known for a quality product, generosity in giving back, and for having a culture that enables success. Being the land company of choice for those who require our services or want a career in land is more important to us than our size. We are excited about our continued growth without having to compromise on our principles and everything we have built here at LandSolutions.”

For the last four years, Ron and Chad have been preparing to make this a positive transition for LandSolutions’ employees and clients. To do this they looked at succession planning throughout the entire organization and not just as it applied to their roles. They have added new positions to the company and are investing in the development of senior management. “Expanding on the strength in leadership at the next layer of the bench will better enable us to execute on our organizational strategy,” says Chad. It is important to both Ron and Chad that the legacy of LandSolutions continues on, and developing the next generation of leaders within the company is vital to making this happen. Ron will continue to have a role with LandSolutions moving forward as VP Corporate Development.

What won’t change is the focus on product differentiation which results from the exceptional level of client service and product quality LandSolutions is known for. The team at LandSolutions believe in, and live daily by, a core set of principles that have made for an environment of success. Quality is each employee’s number one focus followed by timeliness, and they never present a problem without a solution in hand. The depth of expertise is crucial to making this possible which is why employee development is heavily invested in. LandSolutions has a culture where employees are committed to each others success and that passes down to their customers. “The biggest compliment for LandSolutions is not getting the first project, but the second one,” says Ron. “That means the client recognized a job well done.”