5 New Major Sponsors Join Olds College 2013 Centennial Celebrations

Sep 27, 2011

Recognizing Olds College’s near-century of contributions to rural Alberta and the nation a whole, five new sponsors have lent their financial support to Olds College’s 2013 Centennial.

 There are six tiers of sponsorship and Pomeroy Inn and Suites Inc. is the newest contributor to come in at the President’s level with $25,000 in support. Joining the centennial celebrations at the Dean’s level, both Scotiabank and Hildebrand Motors have generously pledged $10,000. The Calgary Airport Authority and LandSolutions Inc. are Olds College’s two newest centennial supporters at the Friends level with gifts of $5,000.

 “As a major new partner in Olds College’s on-campus development and a recent entrant into the Olds business community, we are well aware of the value Olds College brings to both the local region and Canada’s educational landscape,” said Ryan Pomeroy. “As a developer in the hospitality industry, our own belief in the importance of the rural Alberta business community closely mirrors their approach to rural education and industry, so this donation seems well-timed to us.”

 "Scotiabank has a long history of being committed to the communities where we live and work. We are proud to do business with Alberta's rural community and its students every day," said Kerry Jamieson, Scotiabank Manager, Olds Branch. "The success of our members and clients and the success of Olds College's partners and learners are important to us and we are quite proud to support the Olds College through our Scotiabank Bright Future community giving program. We are thrilled to be on board for their 2013 celebrations."

 “Being part of the central Alberta community for over two decades, we are well aware of the importance of Olds College to this area,” said Paul Hildebrand, CEO of Hildebrand Motors. “We welcome the opportunity to be part of an event that means so much to our community.”

 “We are pleased to support Olds College in celebrating this major milestone,” said Garth Atkinson, President and CEO of The Calgary Airport Authority. “The college is an important part of the educational infrastructure of Southern Alberta and we are excited to be a partner in celebrating their 100th Anniversary.”

By investing in the 2013 Olds College Centennial, sponsors enjoy a wide range of benefits including high profile branding, PR opportunities and association with one of the premier institutions of post-secondary education in Canada. Olds College will celebrate its 2013 Centennial with ten signature events and is currently seeking additional sponsorship.

Contact: Kerry Moynihan, General Manager- 2013 Centennial
(403) 556-4762 - kmoynihan@oldscollege.ca