Corporate Culture: Why It Matters to the Customer


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More and more research shows workplace culture is an enormous influence on a company’s ability to excel.

At LandSolutions, our clients, employees and prospective employees all talk about how unique our culture is.

Every so often, I ask why. What is it that makes us any different than anyone else?

Some people aren’t sure, exactly. Others comment on how caring the staff is, and our “family” feel. Many employees say they have never worked anywhere like this.

I can’t say I disagree. Our tightknit, positive atmosphere has become the one aspect we can truly say is unique to our organization. You can feel it as soon as you walk through the doors.

Your Culture is Your Secret Weapon

Differentiating yourself in your business space isn’t easy for any company, but especially not for us. In my 21 years in the land business, I have concluded that our product is, frankly, not that unique.

That means LandSolutions has to find something else to set ourselves apart from the competition. As so many have noted, the way in which we deliver our product is unique.  I believe our culture is behind that.

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Culture is a combination of beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and values. For a business where the people are the assets, culture is the differentiator.

Here are 3 reasons why this matters to our customers:

Our People

Great people attract other great people, and those who don’t fit will naturally self-select out.  It’s hard to underestimate the influence of culture in drawing and supporting the very best people for the job.

Think about how much time we spend with our coworkers.  Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jim Rohn has said, “You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Chances are, at least one coworker factors into that group of five for most people.

Rohn is suggesting the attitudes and actions of these 5 will have an influence on us: how we feel, and how we act. If you’re attracting only the highest quality people, this “positive contagion” can be very powerful.

Hiring good people and treating them well makes it far easier to get everyone rowing together in the same direction. We’ve certainly seen that to be the case here at LandSolutions.

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We care about the success of the whole team. It isn’t a win unless it’s a win for everyone. The real winner is our customer, because they become extensions of this powerful team spirit.

Low employee turnover, high morale, positive energy, and motivation translates into a great customer experience.

Our Values

The values we internalize are at the core of our external behavior. We CARE about our people, We HELP our client succeed, we believe in QUALITY without compromise, and are DRIVEN to INNOVATE.

At LandSolutions, those values are more than just words on the wall in our lobby. Our employees live them every day. This is nice to have when times are good, but vital when times are tough.

Ever poured a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice? What comes out is a product of the quality of the ingredients inside. The work the farmer puts in is directly correlated to the quality of the product that comes out under pressure.

The same can be said for people. We all get squeezed, and what happens in those moments is important. Your values are what guide you when the pressure is on.

For the customer, this means the behavior of our people will always be driven by the values we collectively have defined and embody. 

Our Purpose

When you’re setting values, you need to define a common goal, a purpose. This helps everyone understand how all the pieces come together. 

A group sense of purpose is a powerful thing. The team becomes committed to the success of the organization. It cultivates an innate desire to serve. This creates a very specific culture, one that places the highest importance on customer experience and satisfaction.

At LandSolutions, our purpose is “to enhance the communities where we live and work.”  It’s something each of us takes to heart in our industry, our internal environment, and our home communities, and I think that’s part of what people are sensing when they tell me we’re a little different.

Being without a purpose is a major factor in an unengaged workforce. The Gallup State of the Global Workforce poll shows just 16% of Canadians consider themselves fully engaged at work. As a customer you can see how unique it is to find an organization engaged and united under a common goal.  We know our product isn’t necessarily unique, but those statistics show that our way of operating sure is.

It’s been my experience that a positive culture attracts the best talent and helps retain it, which drives performance. More than that, it makes the way we spend so much of our time –our work- inherently more enjoyable. As a customer, it’s worth giving some thought to the culture in the companies with whom you choose to do business. Chances are if they’re happy, you’ll be happy too.


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