Our Company

At LandSolutions, we believe that when you come to us to get our experienced land brokers and administrators on your team, you deserve unwavering focus on your land assets. Our unique approach to land includes solutions that are rooted in environmental strategy.

When you let us look after the land, you can get down to business.

LandSolutions is a single source from project planning to decommissioning – and our experts are hand-picked for your job, whether it’s oil and gas, renewable energy, power generation, transmission, transportation or public infrastructure.

LandSolutions Promises:

  • Fully integrated strategic land management and environmental plans
  • A dedicated, customizable team flexible enough to work how you work
  • A well-established client-driven process
  • State-of-the-art technology systems to house and report on your data
  • Strong community and landowner relationships in all our communities
  • Quality control systems to ensure accurate paperwork and regulatory compliance
  • Access, management and public involvement done right

Our Founder

With over three decades of experience in land acquisition, public consultation and management within the energy industry, Ron is a well-known and respected member of the professional community.


Our People

With experience measured in decades and success defined by the people around them, a talented team of decision-makers manages the growth and direction of LandSolutions.

Meet our Leadership Team.


Our Culture

Who we are. What we believe, How we behave. We believe that expert service to our clients is created by the success of our people. It is our environment of success through caring that makes us different. It is what drives us to be different.


Our Safety

Through personal commitment, active participation and proper training, equipment and practices, the maintenance of a safe and environmentally secure workplace can be realized.



Delivering efficiencies through our proprietary land management system.



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At LandSolutions, teamwork is an important part of our company culture.




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