Surface Acquisition

Matching the right acquisition expertise to our client's needs.

Surface acquisition can be a complicated process, requiring a high level of expertise. LandSolutions has earned a reputation for delivering confidence by providing the right expertise to your project while delivering an accurate product in a format that aligns with your needs.

Telecommunication Services

Providing optimal solutions for today’s connected world.

As people turn to wireless communications as their key method of connecting, the research, acquisition and approval of strategic network locations becomes vital. 

Our team of experts – including senior management, coordinators, site acquisition specialists, municipal relations experts and administrators – focus on the delivery of those crucial steps. We work closely with our clients, land owners and land use authorities to identify conflicts, develop mitigation strategies and achieve optimal resolutions. LandSolutions provides long-term results to a wide variety of network builds.


Site Acquisition & Real Estate

Our trusted team of site acquisition specialists will help you:

  • Optimize site selection of greenfield and rooftop locations;
  • Coordinate field scouting and technical design visits;
  • Negotiation of agreements including easements and leases; 
  • Obtain stakeholder consents, access agreements and/or permits for Crown dispositions; 
  • Collocate assessments, applications and approvals; and 
  • Secure renewals, rebuilds and augments for network upgrades.


Municipal & Stakeholder Consultation

Our municipal relations experts will connect with stakeholders to provide:

  • Pre-consultation to identify and address potential concerns;
  • Land Use Authority permitting and concurrence;
  • Completion of First Nations and existing Crown disposition consultations;
  • Hosting of public open houses and information sessions; 
  • Innovation, Science and Economic Developement Canada notification and consultation.


Customized Project Management & Coordination

Our senior management and professional coordinators deliver:

  • Comprehensive project management, from initial search map to "ready to build" delivery;
  • Complete topographical surveys, site designs and civil engineering; 
  • Environmental assessments and soil investigators;
  • Full coordination of OSP fiber expansion and easement approvals; and
  • Regular project reporting.



Our experienced administrators manage essential arrangements and tasks for your operations including:

  • Registration and Title investigation and registration;
  • Transport Canada and NAV Canada submissions;
  • Conservation Authority and Historic Resource approvals; and
  • Complete third party notifications.