Surface Acquisition

Matching the right acquisition expertise to our client's needs.

Surface acquisition can be a complicated process, requiring a high level of expertise. LandSolutions has earned a reputation for delivering confidence by providing the right expertise to your project while delivering an accurate product in a format that aligns with your needs.

Renewable Energy

LandSolutions is a leader of land and consultation services within the renewable energy industry. With over 200 wind energy and due-diligence projects across Canada and the Northern United States, LandSolutions' Renewable Energy experts have a complete understanding of today's wind energy business and a proven track record of acquiring and managing land assets for major international wind energy developers. Our work is associated with wind farm development, and acquisition and divestment related due diligence across Canada and the Midwest and Pacific North West USA. Our dedicated team of experts has vast experience securing option agreements in numerous geographical areas, which allows for a competitive advantage to wind farm development. They also have a wealth of experience with the wind farm development and construction process, as well as the related transmission upgrades.

Our renewable energy services include:

  • Option acquisition
  • Environmental planning and approvals
  • Surface land negotiation and acquisition
  • Wind turbine leases
  • Access roads & ROW
  • Meteorological tower leases
  • Substation leases
  • Public involvement
  • First Nations consultation
  • Crown Land Acquisition
  • Facilitation/project coordination
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Due diligence
  • Wind Farm Acquisition & Divestments
  • Damage settlement, and dispute resolution
  • Land administration, including document preparation, client liaison, and management of document integrity


LandSolutions land and consultation services extend to all types of renewable and green related projects including, but not limited to, geothermal, pump storage, and solar energy. For more on the environmental services we provide, click here or visit our Environmental Services page.