Surface Acquisition

Matching the right acquisition expertise to our client's needs.

Surface acquisition can be a complicated process, requiring a high level of expertise. LandSolutions has earned a reputation for delivering confidence by providing the right expertise to your project while delivering an accurate product in a format that aligns with your needs.


A Co-Gen facility, peaking station and transmission line all have land access requirements that LandSolutions can secure for you. We have acquired several sites of a variety of complexity and hundreds of kilometers of right of way for power line development. Our knowledge and expertise in consultation, negotiation and documentation is always matched to your project needs. Our attention to detail ensures you have accurate paperwork for the management of your surface assets for many years after the project has been completed.

Our power services include:

  • Project Management from the planning stages of a project through to completion
  • Routing identification
  • Acquisition of Lease and Grants for Power Generation Sites on private and publicly owned land
  • Facilitation of Land Purchases
  • Acquisition of Easements for all sizes of power lines on private and publicly owned land
  • Settlements on damages related to development activities
  • Acquisition of temporary workspace for all types of power related activities
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Surface Rights Board Hearing preparation and presentation
  • All other various miscellaneous land related access negotiations and agreements