Surface Acquisition

Matching the right acquisition expertise to our client's needs.

Surface acquisition can be a complicated process, requiring a high level of expertise. LandSolutions has earned a reputation for delivering confidence by providing the right expertise to your project while delivering an accurate product in a format that aligns with your needs.


For land required to improve roads or to enhance services to a community, our ability to combine industry and local knowledge into the land acquisition process helps to ensure a successful project completion. Our team has experience working with a variety of operators on consultation intensive projects, such as:

  • Transportation Projects
    • Involves over 1000 km of highway network and affects thousands of stakeholders.
  • Alberta Emergency Management Agency Temporary Housing Projects – Consultation, Negotiations, Acquisition
  • Regional Water Services Acquisition Projects– Consultation, Project Management, Right of Way Acquisition
    • Acquired over 250 km of right of way affecting over 500 stakeholders

Our infrastructure services include:

  • Project management from the planning stages of a project through to completion
  • Routing identification
  • Acquisition of right-of-ways for water pipelines on private and publicly owned land
  • Acquisition of land for road widening on private and publicly owned land
  • Dispute resolution
  • Settlements on damages for all types of public infrastructure development
  • Acquisition of temporary workspace for all types of public infrastructure development