Mineral Acquisition

Leveraging mineral expertise with a well-defined process.

Mineral acquisition at LandSolutions is conducted by a dedicated group of mineral brokers. This team provides Freehold mineral services across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


LandSolutions prides itself on having the most experienced freehold mineral leasing team in Western Canada who have handled some of the most complex files that have existed in the freehold community. The leadership of this team consists of experts that have 15+ years of freehold leasing exposure with a high degree of experience in handling missing person titles, estates, intestates, corporate & family trusts and files that are just simply difficult.

To complement our expert services our full service offices are located in geographical regions that have a high concentration of Petroleum and Natural Gas fee title rights. Having strategically placed our offices in these locations saves our client travel costs and turnaround time for when acquiring Freehold Petroleum and Natural Gas Leases. The following offices have skilled mineral negotiators and administrators:

  • Calgary, Alberta (handles the high concentration of Freehold rights in Southern Alberta)
  • Bentley, Alberta (handles the high concentration of Freehold Rights in Central Alberta)
  • Lloydminster, Alberta (handles the high concentration of Freehold Rights in Eastern Alberta and Western Sasakatchewan)
  • Lampman, Saskatchewan (handles the high concentration of Freehold Rights in South East Saskatchewan and South West Manitoba)

Our mineral negotiators are highly proficient when explaining, negotiating and acquiring Petroleum and Natural Gas lease agreements from the Freehold Lessor community. Over the last 10 years we have acquired  close to half a million acres of Freehold Rights in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with a solid track record of aggressive acquisition and uncompromised execution.

The LandSolutions mineral administration team are experts when it comes to working with any of the Western Canadian Land Title Offices. We have developed highly proficient processes that ensure consistency for documents produced in our offices. Our proprietary land database called LandTraxx is a highly regarded tool that promotes efficiencies and tracks all of our obligations. LandTraxx is a competitive advantage that allows our team to stay on top of thousands of files at any given time.

LandSolutions offers more for services besides typical Freehold Petroleum and Natural Gas Acquisition. They are:

  • Offset Review and Reporting
  • Suspended Well Review and Reporting
  • Commingling Applications
  • Holding Applications
  • Mineral Lessee and Lessor Notifications

Feel free to give our services a try, you won’t be disappointed.