Mineral Acquisition

Leveraging mineral expertise with a well-defined process.

Mineral acquisition at LandSolutions is conducted by a dedicated group of mineral brokers. This team provides Freehold mineral services across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


LandSolutions has been involved with Western Canadian Crown land sales for over 10 years.During that time we have refined our services to make the process simple, easy and trustworthy allowing our clients to focus on more important tasks.

The following are services we offer related to Crown Land Sales:

  • Delivering Sealed Bids (BC, SK, MB)
  • Submitting Bids through the Alberta Tenure ETS System
  • Preparing Bid letters for all Western Canadian Provincial Sales
  • Posting Crown Lands for Future Sales in all Western Provinces
  • Direct Purchase of Crown Lands in Alberta
  • Continuation & Holding Applications
  • Transfers & Assignments 

 LandSolutions also offers Energy companies a choice between four different corporate names to hold their newly acquired properties under. These are our names: 

  • LandSolutions GP Inc.
  • NRG LandSolutions Inc.
  • BASM Land & Resources Ltd.
  • Contiguous Resources Ltd.

Once a client is successful they can take ease knowing that we do not charge annual fees or any maintenance fees to hold their important crown land parcels in any of our crown sale names. The initial Crown Sale fees cover everything including the preparation of, Agency & Trust Agreements, Letter of Authorizations, Transfers and Assignments and passing along any notifications that are received from the crown sale authority.

So feel free to give us a try, we will make your life easier!