LandSolutions provides services to meet all of your pre-development needs. Pre-development work can range from Phase I ESA for acquisition, to wildlife or vegetation surveys, or wetland identification and delineation. Our experienced professionals are available to ensure that your project starts on the right foot.

Pre-Site Assessments

During Pre-site Assessments we provide background site information (topography, hydrology, vegetation, soils and sensitive wildlife/habitats). We will investigate and highlight environmental sensitivities, such as proximity to water bodies, weeds, nesting sites, mineral licks, soil stability etc. We will apply applicable regulatory standards and guidelines to identify site specific issues and non-compliance scenarios while providing timely solutions and recommendations. Our team will provide information to ensure construction decisions are made that maximize efficiencies and avoid environmental impacts. We are focused on achieving a high-standard of bio-physical information and reporting to facilitate post-abandonment reclamation planning.