Employee Stories

Lindsey Clapperton, Senior Land Administrator

Years with LandSolutions: 5
Bentley, AB

My job involves providing senior direction to admin staff within the Bentley office.  Constant client management & communication to ensure service is being met effectively & efficiently. I believe the hardest part o fmy job is time management, ensuring your time is spread evenly between, work, mentorship & client contact. The other very challenging aspect to our job is the ever changing industry standards, regulations, requirements, etc. 

The entire team at LandSolutions and the reputation of the company motivates me. To be a part of something so well respected in this fast paced industry is amazing. I strive to always expand my knowledge and network base to ensure this reputation holds true.

Of course depends on the day, but I typically start the day of by reviewing the administrative teams current workload listings, delegating out new tasks & prioritizing accordingly based on timelines & high priority projects. I then check emails and ensure all are addressed to ensure there is lots of time to get replies back before the end of the day. Then I typically audit any field or final packages on my desk to ensure correspondence makes courier for our clients & landmen. This can overflow into the afternoon, which is also when emails are again addressed and handled accordingly.  There is usually an office/admin/senior meeting to attend in the afternoons or client conference calls. Before the end of the day I like to make a loop around the office to ensure the admins are still on track with their priorities and answer any questions they may have to make sure they are set for the next day.

I love the team I get to work with on a daily basis and the people within the industry I have had the privilege to meet and get to know. There is also nothing like the feeling at the end of the day when you can look back at the work you have completed and you feel like you have really accomplished something and the impact that work will have on so many other moving parts within the life of a project.

I appreciate how LandSolutions has worked to accommodate modified schedules to ensure proper work and family balance, which is so important to me as a mom to young kids.  

This is a great place to start out in the industry, you will learn all aspects and not be segregated to one area. The mentoring/training processes within the company are without compare and they are here to see you succeed in whichever area of the industry you so choose to be apart of (Surface, Minerals, Wind, etc.)

This was my first office job, so it was definitely an eye opener. I felt very overwhelmed with the amount of information to absorb and the terminology/language used in the industry. The college program was a good base, but I definitely learned a great deal more with on the job training.  I was in awe of my co-workers to see the dedication they displayed and the quick pace at which they worked.  This really drove me to jump in head first and catch up to their level.

My job/role/position/tasks have all changed significantly since I started out as a very “green” Junior Administrator in 2007 to now, which I am a Senior Land Administrator.  The role in which I have been striving to achieve since I knew it was a possibility. Something’s that have changed and evolved over the last few years are now manage clients, training administrators and participating in CAPLA courses.