Employee Stories

Joshua House, Land Agent

Years with LandSolutions: 5
Lampman, SK

I am motivated by the feeling of accomplishment after a project is finished. When I look at Land Acquisition from the big picture, every part of our day to day activities are a very an integral piece of everyday oil activities. The oil companies themselves, drilling companies, service companies and all ties to each, rely on the Land team first acquiring leases for them.  From large pipeline projects that span 3-5 years involvement, to smaller projects such as surface and mineral leases, you drive down the road and look over to see a pump jack going, or a battery site flowing, or at the miles and miles of pipeline reclamation knowing, I played a very important piece of that project.

I also find motivation in the people I work with. LandSolutions has a great team of employees who are all very determined to drive for success. This success relays through to the landowners I deal with on a day to day basis. The relationships and trust built with each one of them can be credited throughout the company. Having good feedback from a both a landowner and a client on how successful a project was finished, is a feeling that is difficult to describe, but in everyway positive.

I enjoy meeting new people and I look forward to meeting with landowners. You must have a personality to carry on a conversation with all types of characters. I find I learn a lot from them about the area, their own career practises, and most of the time you can find something in common to share a good conversation on. 

The most interesting projects I worked was on a pipeline project for a client that involved a landowner who was away in central Mexico doing missionary work on a new church. The client was fully aware of this and we knew there was no set schedule for them to return. As time passed on, the client found themselves to have a short window where a construction crew was available to build the pipeline before spring break up. Due to time restraints, I had to track the landowners down to negotiate the pipeline through emails and phone conversations (which were brief and short due to expenses), before booking a fight to Mexico where I met them and acquired the agreements. I was only in Mexico for less than 24 hours, but after we finished with the documentation, I was shown around the village and taken to the construction site. I met the missionary crew and all involved in the project. It turned out to be a very eye opening experience.

The hands on guidance and training I received in my first month with LandSolutions was very detailed and I found support from every employee I spoke with. Any nerves I did have the first day were gone before noon. There is a great “vibe” in each LandSolutions employee and it just felt right right-away.  It’s a warming environment.